With so many digital marketing tools available, it’s important to be strategic in the way that you use them. The internet offers us many ways to be more focused in our marketing – with a clear strategy in place, we can benefit from these technological advances and grow our businesses further.

With a solid digital marketing strategy behind you, you will:

Offer a better customer experience

Your digital marketing strategy needs to be consistent across all the platforms you use. This ensures that customers receive a consistent message whether they are visiting your website or your Instagram account or any other online presence you have. It’s then easier for a customer to recognise your brand and choose your product over your competitors’. In addition, the consistent message will be reassuring and show that your company is as professional as you know it is – building trust is important when it comes to converting customers.

Improve your focus and achieve successful campaigns

If you put an advert on a billboard, all sorts of people will go past it and only a few may convert. And if you’ve ever seen eco-warrior graffiti on a car advert, you’ll know that small conversion numbers might be the least of your worries! Fortunately, the internet allows us to market our products and services in a much more focused way. Pay per click advertising, for example, shows your advert on a search engine front page when someone does a specific search. This means that your website can be seen by people who are already interested in whatever it is that you sell. Choose your search terms strategically and you’ll see the best results.

Identify the right marketing tool for the job

You don’t necessarily need every single marketing channel to play a part in your digital marketing strategy. By carefully choosing the right online marketing for the type of business you are running, you’ll only be spending where there’s likely to be a good return on the investment. For example, if you sell a product aimed at millennials, a video might play a central role in your strategy. On the other hand, if you attempt to market the same product on Facebook, you might not see the return you are hoping for, as Facebook users tend to be older.

Market different products in different ways

If you offer a range of products or services, you could use your internet analytics tools to work out what journey customers are on as they pursue each product. For example, you might sell clothes and accessories. Potential customers may be Googling for specific items of clothing, and thus find their way to your site. Once there, they start to browse and find the accessories too, which they then buy. You could then choose to increase your SEO efforts for your clothing lines, or try and optimise for accessories searches too.
Digital marketing offers some great opportunities for focused online campaigns. Planning ahead and being strategic will help you get the results you want, keeping you on track to achieve your goals. The team at Piping Hot Digital has extensive experience of planning and delivering digital marketing strategies – give us a call on 01483 362 357 or email contact@pipinghotdigital.com to find out how we can help you too.