Thanks to the digitised world we live in, there are few things that are guaranteed but evolution is definitely one of them. There seems to be a steady stream of new tools and channels that continue to transform the way we see and do things. Digital marketing is one of these ever-evolving sectors and we’re here to help you prepare for three upcoming upheavals this year.

Pictures Vs. Keywords

It has been predicted that, although still in infancy, visual search will continue to expand into web domains. When this happens, it will dramatically change search engine marketing. Visual search uses an image as the query instead of text. This will involve a customer searching with a saved image or their mobile camera to find the product they want. The way to adapt to this trend is by tagging specific images on your website to ensure that they pop up in relevant customer searches.

Video Engagement

This is one that we can already see coming. Think about the most popular social platforms at the moment like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok. These platforms all facilitate video engagement and it’s definitely catching on. For one, YouTube is quickly becoming the most visited domain second to Google. This shows a popular trend to show rather than tell and it’s definitely something to think about. The way to work with this trend is by introducing video content to your brand on your website and any social platforms you are on. Tagging these videos will also make them easier to find.

Page View Quality Over Quantity

The increasing complexities of search engine optimisation algorithms and other analytical value determiners show that a user’s interaction with a website is becoming more and more valuable. This means that rather than just weighing up the traffic that your site receives, what will matter more is the quality of the page view and interaction with your business’s website. The best way to adapt to this trend is by adding value to your brand and making your audience feel engaged with.

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