3 Free and Cheap Strategies For Getting Targeted Traffic

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A website marketing strategy is the things you do to get targeted traffic to visit your corner of the internet. There are many things you can do to get visitors. There is no one “correct” procedure. Instead, you need to look at your options and develop the website marketing strategy that works best for you.

1. Article Syndication

One website marketing strategy is to write articles and submit them to article directories. The best thing about this approach is that you can do this with absolutely no money to start with. If you are not good at writing, article marketing can still be cheaper than other kinds of advertising.

Write 25 articles (or have them written for you). Sign up for an account at Medium.com and submit the 10 articles. Then go over to Business2Community.com to submit another 10 articles.

The final 5 articles should be submitted to multiple directories. One way to do this is through sites like Outbrain, Taboola, RevContent or others for a small fee, will submit your articles to hundreds of directories.

2. Forum Marketing

Another website marketing strategy is called forum marketing. For some reason, many people do not like to do forum marketing despite the fact that it is wonderfully effective. What you do is join a forum that is relevant to your website. Initially, you should respond to other people’s posts with good information. Then, you should start your own posts offering information or asking smart questions. After you have 25 or so posts, create a signature with a link back to your site. Don’t be blatant about it. When people consider you a valuable member of the forum, they will be curious about what else you have to offer and will check your website out. These people will already be pre-sold on you and will be open to whatever products or services you are selling.

3. “Cheap” Pay-per-Click Marketing

Another website marketing strategy is to use pay per click marketing to get traffic to your website. For this strategy, rather than using Google or Bing, look at cheaper options like PopAds, Adsterra Network, Bidvertiser, Ad Maven or Adbuff (there are more…)

The advantage of Pay Per Click marketing is that it works quickly. You should start seeing an immediate stream of visitors to your website. The disadvantage is that unless you know what you are doing, you can lose your shirt doing it. So, take the time to learn about PPC before starting, set your initial click values low, and set a daily cap on the amount you are willing to spend before you start. Baby steps!!

There are many ways to get visitors to your website. You need to develop a website marketing strategy to get traffic to your site.

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