Many businesses offer packages these days, with tick lists to show you what’s included. Choose a basic package for a basic rate, or pay more for an in-depth service. But packages don’t really work for digital marketing.

Digital marketing is different for every business. Businesses sell different products and services; they might be long-established or tapping into an online trend. For digital marketing to be effective, it’s vital that we understand what the needs are of any given business. How best we meet those needs will certainly be different for different industries, and may even differ within your sector.

Here is why digital marketing should be a bespoke service:

  1. Every business is different

No two businesses offer exactly the same thing. Two recruitment consultancies will, for example, specialise in two different industries. One firm of accountants might specialise in bookkeeping for small businesses, another might cater to FTSE 100 companies. Having a different target market from the competition means that you need to market your business in a different way.

A bespoke digital marketing service means your business can be marketed to reflect your Unique Selling Proposition (USP).

  1. Different stages of the journey

Depending on what stage your business has reached, you might need more basic or more focused types of digital marketing. For example, you might be running a long-standing family business, which needs a website to bring it into the internet age. Or you might be well-established online but in need of a focused social media campaign to reach the right customers.

A bespoke digital marketing service means that you can benefit from the tools you need now.

  1. The right approach for your industry

Digital marketing covers a wide range of solutions [link to “what is digital marketing”], and it’s important to focus on those that are right for your business. If you rely on your online network to generate new business, social media advertising will offer better value than pay per click. If your business only operates in a particular geographical area, a dedicated SEO campaign will help the right customers to find you.

A bespoke digital marketing service means the best value for money and the best return on your investment.

  1. Strengths and weaknesses

Even if you’re pretty tech-savvy, there’s bound to be some areas of digital marketing that you like more than others, or that you’re better at. Perhaps you built your own website and it looks great, but social media just isn’t your thing. Or in spite of knowing your industry inside and out, you can’t crystallise your knowledge and create a list of keywords for SEO. Don’t worry – you’re not alone!

A bespoke digital marketing service will cover any gaps, ensuring you don’t miss out on marketing channels just because you can’t face them!

All businesses are different, but each one deserves effective digital marketing. A bespoke service will help you access the right tools for your business and industry, so you only pay for what you need. To find out how the team at Piping Hot Digital can tailor their digital marketing expertise to your needs, schedule a call today!