Frequently Asked Questions

Website Design

Why get a professional website design? Can’t you just create one for free?

Yes absolutely! The problem with the free website designs is that they never quite turn out how you think they are going to look!

They don’t quite have the professional image and design that either establishes you as an expert in your field or makes your product or service stand out from the competition.

A visitor makes their mind up whether to stay or leave your site in just 7 seconds!

The customer is always demanding more!

Gone are the days where you could put up a simple website, write a brief sales letter and sell your product or service. The customer now expects a professional-looking website, where investment has been made in the product or service.

“A professional website design is a key to establishing the level of trust and credibility with the potential customer, only once this has been achieved will someone actually purchase from you.”

How many websites have you not bought from because the website didn’t seem trustworthy enough? This is the last thing that you want to happen especially if you are paying to drive traffic to your website.

SEO Services

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is the process of getting your website higher up the natural search engine listings so that you increase the number of targeted visitors which results in more sales and higher profits.

Unlike Pay-Per-Click advertising, where you have to pay for each time a customer clicks on your advert and visits your website, all the traffic generated from SEO is FREE traffic which you obtain from being ranked highly.

Is being No.1 on Google important?

The No.1 ranking on Google for any given keyword obtains between 40-45% of all traffic! While you should always be aiming for the No.1 spot, there are only 10 listings on the first page and your aim should be to make the first page.

Very rarely do searchers go beyond page 2 – How often do you look at the results on page 3?

How can your services help me obtain high rankings on Google?

We have a dedicated SEO team that specializes in optimizing websites and building quality inbound links to your website, in a way that looks natural to Google, and over time increases your rankings until you hit No.1.

** SEO is a gradual process, and it needs to look natural in Google’s eyes otherwise they will see you are trying to trick them and remove you from the listings. Beware of anyone offering instant results or thousands of links at once!

Our team follows a specific SEO strategy and sequence which has been proven and tested to get the optimum results in terms of rankings, while at the same time giving Google exactly what they want to keep them happy!

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

What is PPC Advertising?

PPC also stands for Pay Per Click advertising, and it simply means that you the advertiser pays each time someone clicks on your advert and is directed through to your website.

These adverts usually appear on the right-hand side of Google when you search for a phrase or term and are typically under the heading “sponsored ads” although this is not always obvious.

One of the benefits of Pay Per Click advertising is that you only pay when a customer clicks on your advert, not when your advert is displayed. So you are only paying for those people that reach your site directly.

Who offers PPC Advertising?

The main PPC advertisers are Google, Yahoo and Bing (MSN), however, Google is the main player in this field and in the UK alone over 90% of all traffic goes through Google UK search which is why Google’s PPC is the biggest and best for volume. (known as Google Adwords).

Google’s PPC software is also more advanced that Yahoo and Bing and allows the advertiser more in terms of tracking, testing and functionality and it is often the starting point for most companies.

How does the PPC software work?

First of all, you create a campaign, you then create your advert which you want to be displayed and you select the keywords that you want to trigger your adverts in the search engines. You then need to set your tracking and testing features as well as your keyword variations.

Why use PPC advertising?

Targetted Customers = Increase in Sales!

If set up correctly, a PPC campaign can send targetted people to your website who are searching for a particular product or service. These targetted people are more likely to convert into paying customers.

Targetted Traffic Within Minutes!

Another great benefit of using PPC advertising is that you set up a campaign and start driving targetted traffic to your website within a few minutes. Once your advert has been approved and your daily budget set your adverts will start showing! This is the quickest way of driving people to your website.

Social Media Marketing

What do people mean when they refer to Social Media Marketing?

Social Media is simply a different way of communicating on the internet. It is a different type of media than we are used to. When we use the term social media we are referring more commonly to websites such as Twitter and Facebook and for business more specifically LinkedIn .

People join these networks and create profiles about themselves and share information, photos and videos with their friends or contacts. There are other social media networks and social bookmarking sites such as Digg and Reddit, but the above three are the most popular and often the starting point for marketers.

Why is Social Media Marketing so important?

For the simple reason that the way people are communicating online is changing and marketers need to keep up with this changing trend!

Social Networking websites in the UK now account for 1.29 hours a day of all time spent online! In the past year, the average time spent on social networking sites grew from 3 hours per month to 5.5 hours.

It is now one of the essential strategies for building a business online and driving large amounts of traffic to your website.

Just Look At These Facts…

  • 79% of all businesses across the world are using at least one form of Social Media and an estimated 20% now use a combination of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Blogs!
  • A third of adults post at least once a week to social sites.
  • 70% of bloggers are talking about brands on their blog.
  • 15% of bloggers spend 10 or more hours each week blogging.
  • There are more than 3.5bn pieces of content (web links, news stories, blog posts, etc.) shared each week via social network sites.
  • More than 65 million local businesses have active Pages on Facebook.
  • Facebook recently announced that they have now reached over 1.7 billion users worldwide and 1 billion that are active users logging on each day. 
  • Twitter now has 1.3 billion user accounts and it will soon reach 500 million tweets per day.
  • LinkedIn has over 467 million members worldwide 
How are Internet Marketers using social media?

Social Media sites such as Facebook offer a PPC advertising model that enables you to create adverts and promote to specific segments of your market. Unlike Google PPC, with Facebook, you can target your audience by age, date of birth, location, relationship status and gender. However, these social media sites are also being used to drive free traffic to websites, build lists of people within a niche and promote relevant products to them.

Social Media has a number of benefits:

  1. Free Traffic – can drive free traffic to your website and create valuable links from authority websites.
  2. SEO – Google loves social media sites, due to the interaction and fresh content that is generated by the users. It now uses activity from social media and your website as part of its ranking algorithm, so building an online presence can help your search engine rankings!
  3. Online Presence – businesses are now using social media sites to promote products and services and grow their brand awareness. People now talk about brands and products on social media sites.
  4. List Building – By creating a following for your product / business or service on sites such as Twitter and Facebook you are building a list of people in your market / niche who you can promote to.
  5. Promoting products – either their own products or affiliate products to their list of followers that they have built.

Web Video Marketing

How can you use video to grow your business or promote your product?
  • List building – spread the word about your business by directing people back to your website/squeeze page to build your list for FREE.
  • Selling Products/ Services – review your own products and show customers how they work, review affiliate products / other people’s products, create a useful video for your market/niche and direct the traffic back through your affiliate link/website.
  • Driving FREE Traffic – Youtube is the third most visited site in the World! Thousands of people visit YouTube every day and watch hundreds of hours of video. Take advantage of this by driving traffic back to your website!
  • Site Awareness – Videos allow you to quickly and easily establish yourself as an expert within your field and spread the word about your product or service.
  • SEO – Videos can rank highly on Google with thumbnail pictures that get higher click-through rates than the normal listing! You can get No.1 rankings with Google and even dominate a whole page of listings taking all the traffic!
  • Brand Awareness – gone are the days of spending hundreds of thousands establishing brand awareness, companies are now turning to social media sites and video sites to do this!
How can we help you with video creation and promotion?

We have a team of video creation and submission as well as video promotion experts that specialize in developing promotional videos for businesses or more specifically for products or services.

Our team will develop videos within your market/niche and add your URL to each video to drive traffic back to your website. We will also create the description for each video, ensure that your video is optimized for the search engines and submit it to all the top video sites.

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