7 B2b Email Marketing Myths

7 B2b Email Marketing Myths

Whether you’re running a small business or large, you need to build relationships with leads and potential customers to generate more sales. But how? B2B email marketing could be one of the best channels that can help you professionally connect with your target audience and boost your sales at reasonable costs. 

This is a concept that includes the exchange of information and services between the companies via conversational emails. B2B email marketing strategies provide your business the ability to reach customers straightforwardly. This marketing concept has a longer sales cycle. So, it could be difficult to influence customers to make buying decisions with B2B.  

The business-to-business email marketing concept has its own set of myths. You may be familiar with some or all of them. However, this article aims to show you the seven most rampant b2b email marketing myths. Of course, they are popular, but it does not mean that all of them are true. So, keep reading the article to get all the details about these myths.  

7 B2B email Marketing Myths 

These myths have created some wrong concepts about email marketing. No matter how much these are popular or even seems factual. But it never means they are always true. Here you will see why b2b email marketing is still essential for generating sales. Following are the most rampant b2b email marketing myths.  

1# The Best day to send emails  

This is one of the most popular email marketing myth. According to most expert marketers, Tuesday is the best day to send emails. In addition, many email data have also shown that Tuesday tops the list of days. Besides, Wednesday and Thursday are also considered the best days of the week to send emails. 

Expert marketers are not recommending these days without any reason. They base their recommendations on different researches, studies, and data points. But still, no proof can show Tuesday is the best day to send emails.  

You may have heard that most emails are opened on Tuesday. Is it true? Suppose a person receives 50 emails per day. When all will send their emails on the same day (Tuesday) once a week, what will happen?  

Of course, the person will receive 350 emails. Could the person be able to read 350 emails and respond accordingly? Absolutely not, then how it can be true that emails are opened on Tuesday. The studies seem to disagree with that concept. So, advising people to send emails on Tuesday or Wednesday, or Thursday is misleading.  

 2# Avoid Spam Keywords 

As the World is growing, similarly, there is an increase in the number of scammers. Have you ever found a spam folder in your mail? If not, feel free to check this; you would see. However, some words can also put your messages in the receiver’s spam folder. These words include; 

  • Free  
  • Affordable  
  • Buy  
  • Clearance  
  • Earn  
  • Lowest price 

    Scammers are misusing these words. They use the words “Free,” Discount,” and “Offer” in their emails to tempt the people. But most people are wary of such terms. In the past, old spam filters were used to detect such kinds of words. Whenever they received emails with such words, they sent the email into the spam folder or deleted it. 

    Do you still believe this myth about b2b email marketing in 2021? Get rid of this concept. Technology has become advanced, and today’s spam filters are smart that can identify the real spam. So, go ahead and use these terms in your emails.  

    3# Fewer emails are better. 

    Emails are the most popular means of business communication. After replacing the old snail mails with emails, now communication is much easier, better, and faster than ever. Moreover, email communication increasing gradually. People and business companies expect to send and receive more emails. 

    Coming to b2b email marketing, you may have heard that fewer emails are better, and you should not send many emails. But why? The reason has been that customers don’t like too many emails, and they unsubscribe.  

    Although it seems factual, the truth behind un-subscription is quite different. The major reason behind email un-subscription is not the number of emails; rather the content of the emails.  

    4# Never Send the Same email twice. 

    This myth sounds very logical. It’s easy to accept this statement unless you consider why you would want to go against it. Of course, there is a need to think before sending the same email twice. Moreover, the repetition will do nothing since the recipient already got the first one.  

    Have you ever thought about why there is a need to send the same email twice? What if the recipient did not read the first email? Or maybe your recipient did never get your message. So, you can send the same email twice. However, make some changes in the email template so that it looks different from the previous one.  

    5# 4 pm is the best time for your B2B email marketing 

    According to this myth, 4 o’clock is the best time to send your promotional emails. In many countries, the working hours are from 8 am to 2 pm. This makes sense that 4 o’clock is the best time to send your emails. However, you should test other times to achieve better engagements than 4 pm. So, don’t bind yourself to this myth.  

    6# Un-subscriptions ruin your email campaigns. 

    Earlier mentioned myth said that fewer emails are better to avoid un-subscription. However, this one says that un-subscriptions can ruin your email campaigns. Like other myths, this is also misleading. Don’t worry about un-subscriptions. They can’t cause anything to your campaign.  

    7# B2B Email marketing is Dying. 

    This one is the most popular myth ever. According to this myth, B2B email marketing doesn’t work always. The statement could be true, but keep in mind, when email marketing does not work, it’s often due to strategy, not the channel.  


    The myths, as mentioned earlier, seem factual, and a lot of data from emails and other resources make these 7 myths accurate and authoritative. However, it’s always wise to follow your experiences. Whether they are popular, but not all of them are accurate. In short, b2b email marketing is still one of the best channels that help you build relationships with leads and customers.   

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