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Piping Hot Digital is a digital marketing agency that offers a cost-effective, repeatable client acquisition system

A cost-effective, repeatable client acquisition system that books you meetings with qualified high ticket clients that fit your specific criteria, with no long term contracts, or high upfront fees.

Benefits of Piping Hot Digital Lead Generation

A consistent, scalable, repeatable system designed to bring you qualified, targeted high ticket leads with monthly retainer budgets from $5,000 to £50,000, using automated personalized Cold Email Outreach.

We specialize in:

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And many, many, MANY more

Did You Know?


Reported Increase in Email Engagement Past Year

Billion Email Users in 2019

Billion Email Users Predicted in 2024


Average Email Deliverability

Source: Hubspot

Lead Generation Process


Targeted Leads

Leads are prospected based on specific prospect criteria you select

Highly Trained Team

Lists, emails and personal lines are built and written by our highly trained team, fluent in English.

Protect Your Domain

Emails are sent from a secondary domain matching your business. Protecting your primary domain from backlisting.

Scheduled Bookings

Leads are booked into your schedule using Calendly. You have full approval for all leads, emails, responses and meetings.

Full Approvals

You have full approval over all emails, personal lines and leads.

Leads are booked for meeting only if they fit your specific criteria.

Fully Automated

From list building to responses to bookings and even rebookings, we handle the full process.

If a lead cancels or doesn’t show, for whatever reason, then we will replace that lead at no additional cost.

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